applications more

  • Bitumen modification use APAO
  • Hot melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive use APAO
  • Sealing material use APAO
  • Polymer modification use APAO


Congratulations?QIDA?Chemical?by?the National Innovation Fund Expert Assessment?and Acceptance
[ 2015-11-30 ]


  In May 11, 2012, the company launched a new project for the development of “Butene-1 type APAO”, which was financially supported by the China National Innovation Fund. And till June 30, 2015, this R&D projects have been completed and entered mass production and sales stage. Thanks to Dr. Fang’s excellent and professional presentation on behalf of the project team, we successfully pass the assessment of the Fund Committee.

  We sincerely appreciate the great efforts all the relevant departments have made, and thank every employee of the company for their cooperation!